West Rajasthan Music Circuit

Takes Place: Offered for a minimum of 6 people at any time of year except May and June, subject to availability

Places Visited: Jodhpur – Jaisalmer – Hamira – Pokaran – Phalodi – Bikaner

This trip starts in Jodhpur, one of India’s richest cultural hotbeds and home to an entire community of musicians, singers, drummers, flutists and string instrumentalists who live together, practise their art and pass it on to their children. We’ll visit open air museum Arna Jharna, understand the phenomenal legacy of musicologist Komal Kothari and explore the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. In Jaisalmer we’ll visit the home of world renowned Kutle Khanin the artists’ colony. On the road, we’ll stop off in villages for private concerts and exciting interactions with some of the country’s finest artists, before a musical evening royal style in Fort Pokhran Hotel. In Bikaner we’ll explore the city’s gorgeous facades and winding market streets, with Bikaner’s own musicologist and activist, Gopal Singh.

With moonlit concerts, personal visits to musicians’ homes and the beautiful desert landscapes of Rajasthan, this is a completely magical journey.

Full details: West Rajasthan Music Circuit

*Artists mentioned in any itinerary descriptions are subject to availability


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