We have designed a number of trips to show you the best Indian folk music we’ve found. Book one of these, or design a bespoke tour by emailing

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All our tours include

  • Interactive performances by artists from myriad different backgrounds: kalbeliya dancers, bhopa storytellers, kathputli puppeteers, qawwali singers
  • The chance to hear and play fascinating and beautiful instruments like the dholak, sarengibhapangmorchangnagara, pepa, tokari, ektara, dotara, khol, mridong and many more
  • Visits to instrument-makers’ workshops
  • Talks from experts, curators, writers and composers
  • Viewing sessions of rare footage and recordings of local art forms
  • Trips to villages and festivals that are usually quite off the map
  • Opportunities to jam and record with musicians

Music is an ideal entry point to the unbelievably rich Indian subcontinent. Sound Travels tours are run by people that know the music scene, love it, and want to share it

Festivals and Fairs

Here are a few that we recommend. If you would like to attend any, we would be happy to make the arrangements.

Jaydev Kanduli Festival – 14th – 16th January 2012

Sufi Rang Festival 2012 – 28th January – 4th Feb 2012

World Sufi Spirit Festival, Nagaur/ Jodhpur – 16th – 21st February 2013

Sauti za Busara Festival – 8th – 12th February 2012

Jahan e Khusrau: World Sufi Music Festival (Delhi) – 1st – 3rd March 2013

Jahan e Khusrau: World Sufi Music Festival (Lucknow) – 8th – 9th March 2013

Ajmer Sufi Festival – 21st – 27th october 2011 

Guardian Article on Indian Music Festivals

Indian Festival Calendar


Musical Expeditions in Rajasthan, Assam and Bengal

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