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South Rajasthan Music and Art Tour – January 2013

In January, I jumped on a bus with an extraordinarily colourful group of Sound Travellers. We were nine altogether… three musicians, three designers, two architects and an artist.

We were trying out my new Jaipur – Bundi – Bijaipur loop, full of music, storytelling and painting. Here’s the story, in pictures.

The trip starts and ends in Jaipur, home to the beautiful Anokhi Museum of Hand Block Printing.

Here is the block.

Hand block printingHere’s how it’s made

Making a printing blockAnd here’s Lee, one of the guests on the trip, printing his own hankerchief

Lee handblock printing in Jaipur

And sisters Philippa and Rebecca having a lesson in printing

Phillipa and Rebecca with printer in Jaipur

On the road to Bundi, we stopped off in an extraordinary arts centre, where we made papier mache on the roof

Papier mache on the roof

Next we visited the felt-makers

Felt making in Tonk

We stayed in Bundi for two days and saw a lot of beautiful miniature painting and music.

First we visited the exquisite Bundi Palace, home to the famous ‘Bundi Lady’

Bundi Palace

Bundi wall painting of lady

Wall painting Bundi2

Bundi Palace2Next we met some ‘Mashak’ players – bagpipers from nearby Thikarda village

Mashak (bagpipe) players of Thikarda village, Bundi

Lee and Issi danced the Mashak dance!

Issi and Lee dance to MashakLee took over the drum, and the drummer took over the dance floor

Lee and the Mashak players

We watched in awe

Listening to Mashak

We visited a hugs step well

Step well in Bundi2

That night we had a private dinner and concert on the roof of the lovely Hotel Haveli. The next day we went to Bassi, a small village where artists make miniature painted temples known as Kawad. Made of many panels on hinges, they tell stories about the deities. We then visited Bhilwara – home to the Joshi family who paint the Pabuji phad – a 30-foot scroll in vivid colours, depicting the life of god Pabu. For some reason I can’t find my photos of these, but I’ll be looking out for them.

We stayed at the beautiful Castle Bijaipur, and celebrated Fra’s 70th birthday with drumming from Nathoo Lal Solanki, and a whole show of theatre, bhapang and dance!

The next day we visited the beautiful Bijaipur lake

Nat and Di on the lake

We drove north to Pushkar

Issi in a rickshaw

Lee and Issi on a camelThen we headed back to Jaipur! What a beautiful trip that one was.

(Photos courtesy Issolde Freeth-Hale and Philippa Thomas)