Sound Travels exists to connect music lovers, travellers, musicologists, producers and musicians with the amazing wealth of art in the Indian subcontinent.

Our guests experience drumming in the desert of Rajasthan, dancing on the banks of the Brahmaputra and performances from the music halls of Kolkata to the flickering puppet theatres of Kerala. Whether you’d like to take a short trip over a long weekend, or embark on a fourteen-day expedition; whatever your budget, we can make a personalised musical adventure for you.

We also curate interactive musical evenings, gigs and workshops in the UK and India.

If you are travelling through India and want a deeper insight into a fascinating culture, or you’ve lived here for years and want to know more about the art forms that surround you, come on one of our trips. You’ll love it.

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Musical Expeditions in Rajasthan, Assam and Bengal

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