Rajasthan Musical Map by artist Hannah Bailey

Inspired by the Sound Travels musical tours, Hannah Bailey, the official map-drawer par excellence for the Glastonbury Firelighter, has drawn this beautiful map of the state… with images of Nizamuddin, musicians playing maante, derun, chang, kalbeliya dancers and other lovely details…

1—Musical Delhi (1st- 2nd Oct)

  • Hear an introductory talk by world-renowned author and Sufism expert, William Dalrymple
  • Visit to Nizammudin Dargah, mausoleum of the revered Sufi saint Nizamuddin Auliya, with knowledgeable Delhi-ite and writer Sam Miller
  • Experience a live performance of devotional songs

2 – Drums of the desert (3rd-4th Oct)

  • Meet and have a jam with the musicians of Shekhawati
  • Hear, play and see the construction of regional drums the chang, derun and maante
  • Stay at our fabulous heritage hotel in Mandawa

3 – Jaipur (5th-7th Oct)

  • Meet Rajasthani music experts Vinod Joshi and John Singh, and share their vast knowledge of the region through interactive musical sessions
  • See the city’s unique sites and markets
  • Relax in the gorgeous Hotel Diggi Palace

4 – Sacred Ajmer (8th Oct)

Visit the Ajmer Sharif, one of India’s most sacred Muslim shrines where, inshallah, we’ll find musicians playing devotional songs

5 – The Pushkar Camp (9th-11th Oct)

  • Meet Nagara master Nathoo Lal Solanki who will introduce you to his home town of Pushkar through its music
  • Ride a camel to the desert
  • Groove with Kalbeliya dancers in your desert camp
  • Head to Jodhpur with some interesting surprises on the way

6 –  And finally…

Jodhpur Riff— (12th-17th Oct)

  • Experience the Rajasthan International Folk Festival,  featuring a plethora of folk talent from throughout Rajasthan
  • Collaborations and performances by some of the We reserve the right to alter the itinerary at any time in order to improve the continuity of the tour.
  • Unbelievable views from the spectacular Mehrangarh Fort
  • Great food and late night clubbing in the ramparts

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